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Interfyl® Connective Tissue Matrix (CTM)

Interfyl® is a decellularized human placental CTM to be used for the replacement or supplementation of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue. Unlike standard therapies, Interfyl CTM provides a native extracellular matrix for cell attachment, as shown in in vitro data.!

Chorionic plate of the human placenta

What Makes Interfyl Connective Tissue Unique?

  • Does Not Contain Amnion: Interfyl connective tissue contains only CTM.
  • The Chorion Difference: The only CTM filler derived exclusively from the chorionic plate of the human placenta.
  • Minimally Processed: Minimal processing helps retain the fundamental structure and functional characteristics of native connective tissue.

Interfyl® CTM provided a natural, native extracellular matrix (ECM) that supported efficient transition from M1 macrophages (pro-inflammatory) to M2 macrophages (which support healing and remodeling).

Pro-inflammatory Factors

Demonstrated a steady decrease of pro-inflammatory factors over six days.

Pro-inflammatory Factors

Anti-inflammatory Factors

Demonstrated a steady increase of anti-inflammatory factors over six days.

Anti-inflammatory Factors

Development of Tubular Branches

Interfyl CTM supports tube formation by endothelial cells, a precursor to angiogenesis, which enables blood flow and revascularization of the damaged tissue.

Development of Tubular Branches Tubular Branches
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