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    Pain free and loving it…Dr. Stark repaired both my knees over this past year due to medial meniscus tears. Well, I am back to playing baseball (centerfield) and with that said, had one of the best defensive games in three years all due to my knees being pain free. I was able to chase down and catc...

    Jason P.

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    Great doctor who is in practice with an amazing team physicians! I am an athlete and he put me back in the game! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Lin T.

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    Dr. Stark is a great doctor. I saw him for muscle tear injury in my calf. He takes time to listen to my concerns and explain his treatment plan. He tries to utilize patient’s own healing power to recover instead of selling unnecessary items and services.

    Dr Stark is very efficient. ...

    Lake F.

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    Great doctor that put me back on the road to recovery. He prescribed physical therapy that fixed my knee problems without surgery.

    Thomas J.

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    Dr. Stark is an extremely knowledgeable doctor and a skillful surgeon, and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing orthopaedic surgery. I injured my knee skiing in January 2016, complete MCL and PCL ruptures. After consulting with several doctors, I decided on Dr. Stark, and I am so glad I did...

    Lisa K.

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    Dr. Stark is absolutely amazing. From the first visit through surgery he was totally respectful, listened to my concerns and questions answering them very informative and in layman’s terms making sure I understood what he was saying. The surgery went great and without complications. I especially a...

    Veronica M.

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    The entire team is great, very professional and took the time to put me at ease. And I only have praise for the Dr. Erik Stark, a wonderful doctor who never disappoints!

    Verified Patient

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    I have spent a lot of hours with Dr. Stark and his staff. I have to say, his staff worked HARD with my insurance to get me approved for further work. Dr. Stark is not there to hold your hand! He is there to work! Maybe that is why some of these people gave him bad reviews. If you have knee issues, h...

    John Gothard

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    I WISH I could still see Dr Stark, but my health insurance changed & Dr Stark does not take my new insurance. :( (shoulder surgery)

    Mark Acierno

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    Can’t say enough great things about Dr. Stark, I went in for one shoulder, and had injured the other one just prior to the appointment. He treated both! He’s is not a doctor concerned with medical bureaucracy, but 1100% patient focused-no other orthopedic Surg for me and my family

    David Hsu

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