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    I received excellent quality care. He took the time to listen to me.

    Kevin Blackburn

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    A great Doctor. Saved having surgery and all the rehab.
    Explained everything in detail.
    So glad I went to him

    Tom Vogt

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    My experience with Dr. Stark was very caring and understanding

    Gail Thomas

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    Competent doctor. Has treated my wife’s knee injuries as well successfully. Highly recommended.

    shawn ranejat

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    Figured out what was wrong with my boy's knee when no one else could... Thank you Dr. Stark.

    William Dastyck

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    Very competent and professional! Glad I went to Dr. Stark.

    Jim Doxey

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    Dr. Stark and his entire staff overall in spite of the busyness are congenial and people oriented.

    Philip Lizarraga

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    Great experience with Dr. Stark...highly recommend him.

    Rick Valentine

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    So professional and really help me understand everything I was getting done in my shoulder

    Terry Ennis

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    Great doctor. Great experience.

    Tissiani Paz

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