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    Comments: It’s easy to see how Dr. Stark is the best at what he does. His team is a well oiled machine. He simply comes in he’s very cordial with you and gets straight to the point.
    I can imagine how busy he is because everybody getting in the waiting room was going to Dr. Stark!
    Everybody in the office was extremely accommodating, they understand that you’re in pain, they understand that you’re not at your best without their help, and they’re very good at making sure they do a good job taking care of you.
    I’ve seen two doctors at NCOS and they were both a wonderful experience. One of them fixed my shoulder two years ago, and that was what brought me back for my knee. It’s funny how small a world North County is when you’ve been here a long time. Everybody I ran into that had a knee problem I told me to see Dr. Stark, and said I was seeing the best person I could possibly be seeing to help fix my knees.

    Turns out I have one of those issues that’s really difficult to decide whether to have surgery or not. It’s not so severe that you can’t live with it, but at the same time there’s a chance to fix it, but it might not ever get better. It’ll never be 100%, and he’s straightforward enough to tell me exactly what’s going on without pushing me into a surgery.

    I do like doctors that take the conservative approach so that I can ease into the situation and really determine whether it’s worth having surgery or not. This is Dr Starks approach and for me, that was the best experience I could have.
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