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    Comments: Dr Stark is Beyond Brilliant.

    This sixth arthroscopy (4x shoulders; 2x knees) in 15 years, followed 25 yrs of getting banged around as a Marine Infantry and Special Operations Officer and thereafter as a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have always greatly appreciated being treated as an athlete by Dr Stark, who has transitioned from power lifting to martial arts. He's the real deal for any athlete,

    Words can only fall short in expressing my great respect and appreciation for what Dr Stark has done for me. Without his focused attention and outstanding work, I would not be fearlessly (not recklessly) resuming challenging workouts

    Importantly, in the months beforehand, I did my best to prepare by Not aggravating the condition at a complex intersection of bones, cartilage, tendons, muscles and ligaments.

    Yet just one (1) week removed from a second subacromial decompression of my dominant left shoulder and I already had significantly less pain and a greater range of motion (ROM). Just Incredible.

    And now six (5) weeks later, I have Full ROM without impingement and albeit with light resistance, I have again begun real strength training.

    Dr Stark's outstanding acumen and no nonsense, results-oriented approach are amongst the very best I have witnessed in any profession.

    To understand Just How Good he is, here's one for you...

    Following a second scope to my right knee at the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital, the gifted surgeon approached me with the Imagery and said very directly of Dr Stark's Work, "Whoever was in here before me was Brilliant." That was An incredibly rare peer review if I had Ever heard one before in the surgical arena!

    How can anyone ever measure what it means to restore the health and hope of another, as Dr Erik Stark has again done for me. Thank you.

    Patient Note here. Beyond having had 30 ortho surgeries/ procedures and beaten 6x cancer and TBI, I have found it to have been incumbent upon me, the Patient to "get smart" on any condition in order to have intelligent and even collegial relationships and discussions with my surgeons and providers.

    Anyone that has not done the homework and whines about a well seasoned doctors demeanor, as an Un-informed patient will only get what's coming.

    Doctors work for us. Yes, they do. And one can command respect and make intelligent choices and decisions by being well Informed from the injury and then throughout the process. We make our own luck. Best. Semper fi. GWM
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