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    Everyone treated me very well, excellent results. Thank you Dr Stark

    Claudia Castro

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    Dr Stark and his team are incredible. I had the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of the staff in the office and am eternally grateful for their help. Thanks to Cebrena, Tovi, Jill and others who assisted with my journey. A special thank you to Dr Stark, your experience and rhetoric was...

    Jason T

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    Dr Stark was friendly, knowledgeable and listened to my questions and concerns. He recommended a less invasive surgery that my other doctors had not.

    Patrick Leary

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    Dr. Stark was professional, direct, and honest. Everything I wanted in a Dr. His staff was wonderful! They were very polite and attentive in making sure all my questions or concerns were being addressed. I am currently in recovery from surgery and I am very happy with their checkups and all produc...

    Jeff Elkin

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    It’s easy to see how Dr. Stark is the best at what he does. His team is a well oiled machine. He simply comes in he’s very cordial with you and gets straight to the point.
    I can imagine how busy he is because everybody getting in the waiting room was going to Dr. Stark!
    Everybody i...

    Luke Erwin

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    Dr. Stark has treated my knees twice, both with professionalism as well as a great chairside manner. Highly recommend!!

    Jay Friedman

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    I had a bad shoulder and couldn't really use my arm. I was in a lot of pain and hadn't slept comfortably for over a week. I was lucky to get in right away with Dr. Stark. After the treatment and injection I was given - I am almost back to normal! The entire staff (Xray tech, ortho tech and Dr. St...

    Jill Estrin

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    Dr Stark was forth coming and honest about the condition of my son's knee. He was able to explain what happened without being condescending and in a manner we could clearly understand. So far, his staff is very cooperative and helpful.

    Erika Donica

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    Doctor Stark is my hero, I've had excellent experience with him and his PA Renee; I suffered for more than a year with my knee after an injury, saw couple of doctors before Dr Stark and they couldn't diagnose the snapping and clicking I used to get in my knee, thank God I found Dr Stark after I move...

    Nicholas Hazim

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    I appreciated the professionalism Dr Stark had when he observed my knee, looked at my MRI, and then listened to me. I feel like my experience with him is top notch. It is nerve wrecking picking a surgeon off a list of names. I got the best of the best. Thank you!

    Tracy Zundel

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